Frequently asked questions

Why is there no relationship coaching?

This is a specialist area and there are many excellent Relationship Coaches who work with couples. focuses on communication, so individuals can use the information or coaching in their relationships, which may be of benefit, however this is not the central premise of our services.

What does individual communication mean?

You know the voice in your head, your sixth instinct or that funny feeling you have about something - these do not just 'happen'. They are ways we communicate with ourselves. By better understanding who we are, what we think, how we feel and what we want makes it easier to not only streamline what we say to ourselves, it also improves and makes our external interactions more meaningful and productive.

Can I get a group of friends together so that we can share the cost?

Definitely! If you have a shared interest with others such as being a mother reentering the workforce, are parents looking to navigate the teenage years less stressfully, have survived bullying or other forms of abuse or are dealing with neurodivercity either personally or within a group, then feel free to get together so you can share the cost. These group workshops can be accessed via Zoom, or if you are based in Auckland in person. Contact us for details on what we can provide. Alternatively you could wait until we run one of our online workshops.

Why is good communication important?

Good communication safeguards you against misunderstandings, enables you to defuse conflict situations and provides the means to effectively achieve what you want. In short, it makes your life easier!

Do you have a payment plan?

Please contact us to discuss options that work for you.

Do you give discounts?

Please contact us to find out if a discount applies to what you are looking at.

Is the only way I can access the training through being in a group or at work?

No. runs online workshops. To find out when the next one will be running keep an eye on our website or contact us to find out more. If we get enough interest in a particular topic we could always add additional workshops. We will keep you updated if you express an interest.

Can I become a member of

Yes. When you do a course you will get access to the resources available on for a limited time. You can then choose to join for unlimited access on an ongoing basis, for an annual membership fee, which includes discounts and specials offers. Contact us for more details.