We are in an exciting time in history where not only is the way that we interact in the world changing, so what is wanted. In recent times - a job, a significant other, a home, a family, a regular income and a comfortable retirement were what most people aspired to… not anymore… now there is a major push to look after the planet, to have better health, to treat people ethically, to be fulfilled at work, to have a purpose and to have an identity that is accepted.


Authenticity, kindness, transparency and diversity are the themes of the day... 

What do they mean? How do we adapt? What happens if we don’t?


Humanity is evolving more rapidly, so much so that we are aware of it. With this the ‘software’ we had is not coping with the new way of thinking, people are threatened, and fear is endemic.


Depression and anxiety are on the rise and resilience is now a subject taught in schools.

What can be done about this?


There is hope and you can learn to change effectively


There are 3 areas that enable businesses and individuals to navigate through change…


and how we process them
  • Learning how to understand how we feel

  • Finding the words to articulate what we are feeling

  • Processing our emotions effectively

  • Listening to what we say to ourselves and how we say it

  • Monitoring and adjusting how we speak to others

  • Knowing how to ask for help

  • Knowing what we want

  • Knowing why we want it

  • Planning how to go about getting it

DoryConnorDotCom provides training and coaching to assist both businesses and individuals. 


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The Future is Now!



Growing up with ADHD and always feeling different, Dory learnt to follow her intuition. This led to a lifetime quest of searching for meaning, seeking to understand why things were the way they were and how this may differ from what felt real.


DoryConnorDotCom was started to help those wanting to understand how they feel and what

to do with those feelings; to find a different way of communicating with themselves and with

others - being able to ask for help so they can be the best version of themselves; and to

gain an overall view of what business and individuals want so that they can develop a

sound strategy that is effective and efficient.


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