Growing up with ADHD and always feeling different, Dory learnt to follow her intuition. This led to a lifetime quest of searching for meaning, seeking to understand why things were the way they were and how this may differ from what felt real.

She studied people and how they interact through education; studying politics, philosophy and psychology as well as working in the broadcasting industry, in both radio and television, and then in the not-for-profit sector.


This study and experience highlighted the gap that exists in communication and how our inability to express ourselves effectively colours our lives.


It also showed how so many people are out of touch with their emotions - they don't understand them, know how articulate what they are and more importantly what to do with them.


It highlighted the lack of strategic thinking and congruence between what people said they wanted to do and what they actually did!


From the decisions we make, to the expectations we have, the way we think about what we do, how we interpret and feel our experiences - this is what determines what we see, how we interact with others and how we live. 

DoryConnorDotCom was started to help those wanting to understand how they feel and what to do with those feelings; to find a different way of communicating with themselves and with others - being able to ask for help so they can be the best version of themselves; and to gain an overall view of what business and individuals want so that they can develop a sound strategy that is effective and efficient.


BA - Politics & Philosophy (UoA)

Graduate Diploma of Psychology (UoA)

Certificate IV in Life Coaching (Hart Life Coaching)

Professional Membership

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